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Useful Links for Home Computer Builders


There are many useful resources available on the Web for home computer builders. The ones on this page are just a small sample. Others may be found by doing a Google or Yahoo search for phrases like "homebuilt computer," "build your own computer," and so forth.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Backup Nut A wealth of information about how to back up your personal computer, written in a humorous tone by someone who's really, well, a backup nut.

Tom's Hardware Guide An astonishing amount of valuable information about computer hardware. Highly recommended.

Microsoft Microsoft's web site contains a staggering amount of information about the company's operating systems and software. Everything you could ever want to know about motherboards. News, reviews, tools, forums, you name it. An excellent resource for home computer builders.

Linux Online A wealth of information about the Linux operating system, supported hardware, applications, free downloads, and much more.

Intel Intel provides a great deal of very useful information about their processors, motherboards, and other products.

Advanced Micro Devices AMD's site provides a wealth of information about their processors and other products, much of which is geared specifically toward home computer builders.



You will need a Usenet newsreader and access to a news server to access these resources. (Chances are, you already have both.) If you are new to Usenet and newsgroups, click here for an excellent introduction.





Other Geeky Stuff

Angell Development My friend Jesse writes aviation applications for mobile devices.





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